Video Interviewing: The Future of Recruitment?

Face-to-face interviewing has been the method for recruitment for years. What if there was a new way to accomplish the same task that was much more efficient? Video-interviewing is that that solution. Video interviewing has passed the early adoption stage and more than half of businesses are starting to implement video interviewing in one way or another.

As a business, looking to recruit new employees can be expensive. If you are looking at applicants out of state, paying for travel, lodging, and expenses adds up very quickly. Most of the time you do not even end up hiring one of these individuals. Video interviewing allows a business to start the recruitment process and save a lot of money. There is no better solution for global recruitment than video interviewing.

While video interviewing is taking the recruitment world by storm, there are still some methods better than others. Some studies have shown an unfair advantage between generations because of the fluency in technology with younger applicants than older. The best approach to this is to use a software that allows for pre-recorded video to be used. This is known as the ‘one-way interview,’ where the candidate uploads a video rather than a face-to-face approach. This helps the candidate to relax and also removes the need for the interviewer to schedule a time for the interview and can be accessed at any time anywhere.

Video interviewing technology is taking more and more of businesses recruitment strategies. It is saving time and money for employers while making it easier to find candidates who stand out. Incorporating video interviewing into your businesses recruitment strategy is a necessity. At Stitched Story we help HR departments integrate our software into their companies recruitment process and provide all the technological support and infrastructure to make this a simple and effective tool. We specialize in one way interviewing and can help your business be more efficient and effective at recruitment. Reach out to us today to learn what we can do to help you get the best candidates possible!

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