3 Reasons Why Video Interview Technology is Vital to Your Company’s Success

Recruiting is changing rapidly as more and more businesses are using innovative tools in the hiring process. Launchpad wrote an article on 3 reasons why your company should switch to interview technology.

Finding a new hire is not an easy task. You can sort through hundreds of applications and resumes till you may find a handful of good prospects. There is a new form of recruitment that is making this process much easier and more effective: video interviewing. Here are three reasons why you should start incorporating video interviewing into your company’s recruitment process:

1. You’ll Save Time and Money

Video interviewing allows hiring managers to conduct first-round interviews more quickly and efficiently. Arranging face to face meetings is expensive and inconvenient. You will be able to quickly weed out less desirable candidates in less time. It is also far more inexpensive. Setting up transportation can become costly, but imagine being able to set up a face to face for free and in less time.

2. Your Recruitment Process is a Reflection on Your Business

If your hiring process is smooth, easy, and efficient, candidates will be more likely to want to work for your company. A company’s recruitment style is usually a good way to judge the culture of the workplace.

3. Video Interviewing is the Future of Recruiting

Over 90% of hiring managers already have some sort of exposure using video platforms. This trend will only continue as the scope of video interviewing is only increasing. Video interviewing allows you to open your positions up to a global pool of recruitments. This will elevate your company and allow you to be innovative instead of playing catch up.

Video interviewing allows your company to be ahead of the curve. You will save time and money by cutting the costs of normal recruitment. You will demonstrate what kind of workplace culture you have through a painless and quick recruitment process. Video interviewing is the future of recruitment and Stitched Story provides companies the software to integrate it into their company easily. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your recruitment process and save you time and money!

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