6 Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

All businesses, from the smallest to the largest, can and should use video to reach customers. identifies 6 main reasons why your business should get in on the action:

Video marketing is important and most businesses are starting to catch on. But what exactly does video marketing add to your individual company? Is it worth the investment of time and money? Here are 6 practical things that video marketing allows your business to do:

1. Show off your company culture.

Give customers access into a day in the life of your office. Show off your employees, your infrastructure, and your workplace. Your customers want to know what your business is like not just from the outside but from the inside.

2. Tease with previews of a brand-new product.

These short teasers are great to post on social media and build hype around a new product or service. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are perfect tools to create and share these videos on.

3. Shed light on a complicated process.

The best way to clarify something is by visually walking through the process. It will bring clarity to your customers and save you lots of time answering the same frequently asked questions.

4. Capture your best customers singing your praises.

Reviews are one of the most powerful forms of content to have in your toolbox. A written review can really impact the success of a product or service, but if you have a video review of the same product it can multiply its success. People are most trusting when they see someone online vouching for a product. Use your video marketing software to capture these moments.

5. Answer questions received via social media.

Using video marketing to answer questions shows the customer you care and can actually help solve the same problem in real time!

6. Update consumers on the latest news in your industry and what it means for them.

You may be up to date on everything that is happening in your industry but your customer probably is not. Using video marketing to simplify and apply what breaking news or changes in your industry will help connect your customers.

Video marketing allows your customers to connect with your company personally and rely on you as a trustworthy source. It provides so many opportunities to establish trust and boost the success and simplification of products and services. Stitched Story is a powerful tool to film individual testimonies of products and services which boost credibility and sales. Our software makes it easy for you to get material from happy customers and put it out there for all to see. Contact Stitched Story to learn more about our capability to increase your current business development!

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