Why You Need To Start Previewing Applicants with Video

The interview process is a part of every company and this will never change, however one thing that is changing is the way this process is being conducted.

The old way is costing you talent

Traditionally, most companies interview processes relied on applicants coming in for a series of interviews, consuming the time and money of the company. Drawn out interview processes are the number one reason for employers losing out on candidates. Appcast’s recent study showed that 385% fewer prospects will submit an application that takes longer than five minutes to complete. Applicants today simply don’t want to spend countless hours going to interviews when they can get employed using a easy, simple process. This has lead to a shortage of quality applicants for employers, making it increasingly more difficult to find candidates that are well suited for the company.

Incorporating video into your interviewing process, gives you a competitive edge over companies that may hire your optimal candidate before you. It allows you speed up the process by cutting down on the number of interviews and applications that normally take place, by giving you visual content, answering the questions that you’ve chosen. This content then allows you to narrow the applicants down, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to hire and allowing you to get the applicant you want. The best part about this, it takes less than five minutes for them to do! It is easy to use, saves you money and time, and allows you to get the applicant you want.

As the interview process evolves it is crucial that companies evolve with it, or else they risk losing out on quality employees to their competition. In order to evolve there’s only one option; Video.

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