Capture videos from your applicants to pre-screen them faster

With HR Vids, you can SEE & HEAR the applicant before bringing them in for a face to face interview.

Get Video Content Fast and Easily

Write the Prompts

Write questions or prompts to guide your applicant with what to show and say.

Share the Link

A link is all your users need to start recording. They simply open it on any mobile device or computer

Use the Videos

You will be updated in real-time as the videos come in for you to watch

Record pre-interviews no matter where your applicants are.


Optimize Your Time

Reduce the total amount of time you spend interviewing applicants face to face. Use preview videos to screen out those applicants who do not possess the required background, skills, or any other qualifying factors.

See & Hear Before Meeting

Before you bring them in for a face to face interview, find out if the applicant can handle the pressure of completing the questions in the allotted time and if they can think on their feet. This will save you the time of interviewing someone who will probably not work out.


Equal Opportunity

Creating a standardized set of questions for each job will ensure each applicant receives an equal opportunity for employment as the results are not affected by the interviewer asking the questions one specific way one time and a completely different way at another time. It will allow for the best applicants to earn their face to face interview based on their video response.


Use video to improve other HR functions

Exit Interviews

Easily capture exit interviews by sending out a link to your employees. Most employees don’t stick around to chat once they resign, therefore, have them complete a video at their convenience to gain a better understanding of what you can improve to retain your staff longer.


Most companies have a backlog of written employee evaluations. Allow your talent to complete a short video evaluation that can be added to their HR file. This provides a richness that cannot be replicated through text.

Risk & Liability

Use video evidence to refute meritless claims. Use the quarterly questionnaire to find out if a problems exists in the workplace. Be proactive and flush it out and resolve it before outside legal gets involved. Also, use video evidence to stop terminated employees or disgruntled employees from filing claims of harassment or discrimination or workers comp claims as a form of retaliation.


Our Features


Flexible Use-Cases

HR Vids can be used to create content for employee exit interviews, employee surveys, feedback and just about any other use case you can think of.

Affordable Price Point

Capture content for any use for a fraction of the cost compared to using a private video company.

Cloud Hosted Solution

HR Vids handles all of the technical details for you so you can focus on growing your business. Using leading cloud technology, HR Vids is built to scale with your needs.

Intuitive User Experience

HR Vids is designed to make each step clear and easy to complete. Creating engaging content remains your focus because the workflow is intuitive and clean.

Fast Survey Building

Surveys can be created with minimal turnaround, providing you the ability to take quick advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves.

Social Media Integration

Leverage social media platforms with just one click to distribute your videos. Also, use your other sales channels to share your videos.

Simple Pricing to Fit Your Needs*

*per location




  • 20 Videos per month

  • Custom dashboard with analytics

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Custom prompts to guide videos

  • Configurable time limits



  • Unlimited Videos

  • Custom dashboard with analytics

  • Unlimited storage

  • Priority support

  • Custom prompts to guide videos

  • Configurable time limits

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  • Up to unlimited videos

  • Unlimited Users

  • Multiple Locations

  • Custom dashboard with analytics

  • Unlimited storage

  • Priority support

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